Furnace & Air-Conditioner - Residential

This guideline has been developed to assist you in your efforts to replace an existing furnace, boiler (used to heat homes) or air conditioner for residential properties. Prior to the installation of any furnace, boiler or air-conditioning unit, a permit must be obtained from the City of Wheaton Building Department. Provided below is information that addresses what needs to be submitted to the City, pertinent building codes, permit fees and required inspections. These guidelines are by no means all-inclusive, but they do identify the most critical requirements that are involved in this type of project. Please review this information and call the City of Wheaton Building Department with questions.

Associated Documents
Please review the DSIRE web link to determine if your project qualifies for any energy savings or rebate programs, note these programs can change and/or expire.

Required Submittals
The following documents need to be submitted to initiate a review of your project:

  1. Application for Permit Provide a Building Application for Permit that includes: site address, description of work, contractor(s), the total cost of work to be performed, permit applicant contact information, etc.
  2. Contractor Requirements see Contractor Requirements.

Applicable Codes
The City of Wheaton has adopted, either by City ordinance or by code reference, the following codes for all residential construction within the City limits:

  • International Residential Code 2018 (for one and two-family dwellings)
  • International Mechanical Code 2018
  • International Fuel Gas Code 2018

All code modifications by local ordinance are available for viewing at www.wheaton.il.us, within the applicable section headings of the Municipal Code (Chapter 22, Buildings and Building Regulations). Copies of these modifications and of the Codes listed above are also available at the Wheaton Public Library as reference materials.

Significant Codes

Access - Please provide proper access to all appliances. Appliances shall be accessible for inspection, service, repair, and replacement without removing permanent construction. 2018 IRC M1305.1

Attic Access - Attics containing appliances requiring access shall be provided with an opening and a clear and unobstructed passageway large enough to allow removal of the largest appliance, but not less than 30 inches (762 mm) high and 22 inches (559 mm) wide when measured along the centerline of the passageway from the opening to the appliance. The passageway shall have continuous solid flooring in accordance with Chapter 5 not less than 24 inches (610 mm) wide. A level service space at least 30 inches (762mm) deep and 30 inches (762mm) wide shall be present along all sides of the appliance where access is required. 2018 IRC M1305.1.2

Heating Appliances (Furnace) shall be accessible for inspection, service, repair, and replacement without removing permanent construction. Thirty inches of working space shall be provided in front of the control side to service an appliance. 2018 IRC M1305.1

Venting - The furnace venting distance must comply with the specifications set forth in the product listing and installation requirements. 2018 IRC M1307.1 For new installations, vents for the High-Efficiency furnaces will be located per manufacturer specifications (specifically, exterior proximity to adjacent walls and openings as well as the length of vent run). 2018 IRC M2407, G2408.1

Manufacturer’s Instructions - Equipment and appliances shall be installed as required by the terms of their approval, in accordance with the conditions of listing, the manufacturer’s instructions, and all provisions of the building code. 2018 IRC G2408.1

Shutoff valves - Shutoff valves must be located in places so as to provide access for operation and shall be protected from damage. 2018 IRC G2420.1.3

Thermostat - When the primary heating system is a forced-air furnace, at least one thermostat per dwelling unit shall be capable of controlling the heating and cooling system and must be programmable and capable of controlling the heating and cooling system on a daily schedule to maintain the different temperature set points at different times of the day. 2018 IECC 403.1.1

Sizing Equipment - Heating and cooling equipment must be sized based on building loads calculated in accordance with ACCA Manual J or other approved heating and cooling calculation methods. 2018 IRC M1401.3. A copy of the Manual J calculations shall be made available upon request by the inspector.

Combustion Air - Combustion air is required for the fuel-burning appliances within the scope of the project. Outside combustion air shall be supplied through two openings or ducts. One opening shall be within 12” of the ceiling, the other within 12” of the bottom of the enclosure. The same opening or duct to the outdoors shall not serve both combustion air openings. 2018 IRC G2407.6 Each combustion air opening shall have a free area of at least 1 square inch per 4000 BTU’s of the total input rating of all of the appliances in the space. 2018 IRC G2407.6

Sealing - All ducts, air handlers, filter boxes and building cavities used as ducts shall be sealed if they are replaced when the mechanical equipment is being replaced. (IECC)

Pipe Insulation - Any new mechanical piping shall be insulated with at least R-3. (2018 IECC R403.4)

Electrical Disconnect - The furnace and air-conditioner condenser, located on the outside of your residence, requires a means of disconnecting the power supply in the immediate vicinity.

The inspection listed below is required for all Furnaces and Air-Conditioners. Additional inspections may be needed based upon the scope of work. If additional inspections are required, they will be identified at the time of permit issuance.

To schedule an inspection, please call 630-260-2050 a minimum of 24 hours in advance, between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday.

Type of Inspection
When to Call
After Equipment has been installed and tested.

Permit Fees
For associated Building fees, please refer to Appendix B7 Fee Schedule per the Wheaton City Code - Building Fee Schedule.

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