Plan Of Building Or Space To Be Occupied

Please provide a plan of the building or space(s) to be occupied, we will accept an existing architect’s blueprint or plan if available or will accept a scaled plan on the graph paper provided below, or similar. Items to be identified on the plan shall include existing (and proposed) exterior and interior walls, location of exit signs, emergency lights, smoke or heat detectors, pull stations, locations of doors and direction of the door swing, and if available proposed fixture layout (example; counters, equipment, and furnishings). Identify the use of rooms and dimensions of rooms to allow us to confirm square footage. Indicate names and/or description if uses adjacent to your space (example: Chiropractors office to the north, hair salon to the south, residential upstairs and vacant basement). If adjacent to a street indicate the name and north arrow.

Is there a fire sprinkler system in the building or space?                                            

Revised 4/16/2020