Commercial Re-Occupancy Guidelines

The City of Wheaton recognizes the importance of informing prospective building owners and tenants of pertinent city zoning regulations and building code requirements and as such has passed an ordinance and implemented this program that requires a Certificate of Use and Occupancy prior to occupying any non- residential building or tenant space.

The re-occupancy review process is initiated by the building owner, tenant or their representative by completing and submitting the following documents: a Commercial Re-Occupancy Application for Permit, providing a plan of the space, Emergency Notification Form, and submitting the $150.00 processing fee to the Wheaton Building Department for our review.

After submittal of the above documents and fee payment, the staff will perform a zoning and building review. After the review, they will arrange for an inspection of the proposed re-occupancy area. Within several business days after the inspection, you will be provided with a summary of findings and a copy of the review comments. The summary of findings will be classified based upon the following categories:

  1. Approved - The category means that the building and/or space is in compliance with the codes resulting in approval for occupancy.
  2. Conditionally Approved - The category means that the building and/or space WILL be in compliance with the codes after all conditions/corrections noted on the Review and Summary Form are completed.
  3. Denied - The category means building and/or space is significantly non-compliant with the codes. Additional or new information will need to be provided and/or a building permit may be required for re-occupancy. Guidance will be provided by the City of Wheaton Building Department regarding the next actions.

The summary sheet will also inform you of any additional permits or licenses that may be required from other City departments and/or governmental agencies, for example; the sale of food will require both a city license as well as approval by the DuPage County Health Department. It is at this time that we will also inform you of programs or grants that may be of assistance to you.

The Emergency Notification Form that is included in this packet will be required to be completed and made available when our staff performs the final inspection. This information will be forwarded to the Police Department in the event that an emergency should occur on your premises and they need to either enter the building or notify you of the occurrence.

For new exterior signs see our Signs Guideline.

Required Submittals

Sewer Permit - The sanitary sewer system in Wheaton drains to and is serviced by the Wheaton Sanitary District or DuPage County, see attached map to determine which agency you will need to contact to obtain a sewer permit from them. Each agency has its own submittal requirements available on their web page, once approved please provide a copy of permit, or copy of email if "no permit required" from Wheaton Sanitary District, to the Wheaton Building Department.

Wheaton Sanitary District: 1 S 649 Shaffner Rd. Wheaton, Il 60189, 630-668-1515, e-mail completed application to

DuPage County - Public Works Department: 421 N. County Farm Rd. Wheaton, Illinois 60187, 630-407-6800, Fax 630-407-6701,

Addition to a single-family dwelling, less than 800 sq. ft., does not require a permit.

Revised 4/17/2020