Please note that a shed permit is required for any shed greater than 120 square feet. Also, any shed, no matter the dimension - including less than 120 square feet, must meet City of Wheaton Zoning and Engineering laws outlined below.

This informational guideline has been developed to identify the minimal requirements to install a shed. The information provided outlines information that is pertinent to the City of Wheaton’s adopted Building Codes, Ordinances, and required inspections. These guidelines are by no means all-inclusive, but they do identify the most critical requirements that are involved in this type of project. Please review this information and please call us with any questions that you may have.

  1. Application for Permit
  2. Plat of Survey
  3. Utility Easement (Approval to Build Within)

Required Submittals
The following documents, forms, and/or permits must be submitted for staff review. These forms are can be accessed throughout this document by following the appropriate link.

  1. Building Application for Permit
    The application shall include all required information that is pertinent to the proposed scope of work such as; site address, description of work, contractors to be used on the job and their respective costs per trade, the total cost of work to be performed, complete applicant contact information, etc. Please refer to the document titled Building Application for Permit.
  2. Plans
    Provide two (2) copies of plans showing shed details or manufacturer’s brochure.
  3. Legal Plat of Survey
    Provide two (2) copies of the legal plat of survey marked to identify the proposed location with dimensions to lot lines and size of the shed as well as any existing sheds.

Significant Codes - Building
Wind Load
Sheds must be anchored to the ground in order to resist the wind loads that will be placed upon the shed. The following requirements are based upon the applicable sections of the 2018 International Residential Code. The anchorage of the shed can be achieved by one of three different methods as follows:

  1. Slab-on-grade footings must be a minimum of 4” thick with a thickened perimeter;
  2. Concrete Piers must be a minimum of 42” below grade;
  3. Any mechanical ground anchors must be installed per the manufacturer’s listing and specifications.

Frost protection
Freestanding accessory structures with an area of 400 square feet or less and an eave height of 10 feet or less shall not be required to have a 42” deep foundation.

Electrical Conductors
Clearances from buildings for the conductor (less than 600 volts). All structures shall be clear of overhead electrical lines by 3 feet vertical when greater than 4/12 pitch roof and 8’ above when less than 4/12 pitch roof. Provide a minimum 3’ horizontal clearance to all structures.

Significant Codes - Zoning
Maximum Size
Detached accessory storage sheds or storage buildings shall not exceed 5% of the maximum lot coverage for the lot, as specified in the district regulations. Detached accessory storage sheds or storage buildings shall not exceed 12 feet in height as measured from grade to the highest point of the roof (Article 24.3.3, Ord. F-1454). To calculate the maximum allowed shed size for a single-family property (in the R3 or R4 zoning district): (Lot area in square feet) x (.333) x (.05) = Maximum shed square footage.

Location/Setback Requirements: (Article 3.4.8)

  • Sheds are not permitted in the required front yard or corner side yard;
  • Sheds must be separated from the house by 4 feet (measured from wall to wall);
  • Sheds located more than 40 feet behind front yard setback line:
    • Setback from side property line: 3 feet
    • Setback from rear property line: 5 feet
  • Sheds located less than 40 feet behind front yard setback line:
    • Setback from side property line: 8% of the width of the lot or 10 feet (whichever is less)

Easements: Sheds are prohibited from being located within a utility or drainage easement unless written approval is granted by affected utility companies and the Engineering Department. Easements are shown on the plat of survey. To request permission to build in an easement, please refer to document entitled Utility Easement (Approval to Build Within).

For associated Planning, Engineering and Building fees, please refer to Appendix B7 Fee Schedule per the Wheaton City Code - "Community Development Fees".

For associated Sewer and Water fees, please refer to Appendix B8 Fee Schedule per the Wheaton City Code - "Public Works/Sewer & Water Fees".

Please contact the Building Department at 630-260-2050 to schedule a final inspection.

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Revised 7/2/2020