Above And Underground Storage Tanks

This guideline has been developed to assist you in obtaining a permit to install or remove an Underground Fuel Storage Tank. These guidelines are by no means all-inclusive but they do identify the most critical requirements that are involved in this type of project.

Required Submittals
The following documents, forms, and/or permits, must be submitted for our review. Forms are available on the City’s website and can also be accessed throughout this document by following the appropriate link.

  1. Building Application for Permit
    When filling out an application for the permit, include all required information that is pertinent to the proposed scope of work such as site address, description of work, contractors to be used on the job and their respective costs per trade, total cost of work to be performed, complete applicant contact information, etc. Please refer to the document titled Building Application for Permit.
  2. See Contractor Requirements.
  3. Plat of Survey
    Provide a Plat of Survey that has been marked up with dimensions showing the location of the tanks. This can be hand drawn to scale.
  4. State Fire Marshall Permit
    Provide a copy of State Fire Marshall’s office approved permit for the removal or installation of underground fuel storage tanks.

Significant Building Codes
The City of Wheaton amended the 2018 International Fire Code, IFC, Section 5704.2.9.6 and WCC, Sec. 30-4.

IFC, Section 5704.2.9.6 Above-ground tanks outside of buildings. Change to read:
It shall be illegal to install or maintain any above-ground storage tank of flammable or combustible liquids outside of buildings with the following exceptions (which shall comply with Sections 5704. through 5704.

  1. Fuel oil storage tanks for central heating systems which are existing and in use as of September 4, 1990.
  2. Permanently mounted for permanently installed backup power generators and pumps.
  3. Approved quantities of approved flammable or combustible liquids when properly stored in storage rooms designed for such use as listed and approved by the director of building and code enforcement.
  4. Maximum of two 1,000 gallon above-ground tanks per facility will be allowed for the storage of gasoline, diesel or other approved fuels and shall be in accordance with the following provisions:
    1. Such tanks and installations shall comply with all provisions and requirements of the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal including issuance of a state permit, and applicable provisions of NFPA 30.
    2. Such tanks and installations shall be approved on an individual basis and shall only be permitted when deemed necessary for the operation of the individual facility and shown to be compatible with the surrounding area and approved by the director of building and code enforcement.
      Wheaton Amendment 22-16 (Code 1996, § 22-126; Ord. No. F-1774, § 1(exh. A), 4-21-2014)

WCC, Sec. 30-4. - Tank storage of flammable liquids.
No tank for the storage of flammable liquids shall be installed in any lot or plot of ground where any of the boundaries of such lot or plot of ground are within 200 feet of the nearest boundary of any lot or plot of ground used for a school, hospital, church or theater.
Wheaton Amendment 30-4 (Code 1968, § 12-17; Code 1996, § 30-4)

For abandonment of tanks:
IFC, 5704.2.13 Abandonment and status of tanks. Tanks taken out of service shall be removed in accordance with Section 5704.2.14 (Removal and disposal of fuel), or safeguarded in accordance with Sections 5704.2.13.1 through 5704. (The procedure for safeguarding an underground tank will depend upon the period of time that the tank is out of service; temporary 90 days, one year, abandon in place, see below) and API 1604 (Closure of Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks).

IFC, 5704. Tanks abandoned in place. Tanks abandoned in place shall be as follows:

  1. Flammable and combustible liquids shall be removed from the tank and connected piping.
  2. The suction, inlet, gauge, vapor return and vapor lines shall be disconnected.
  3. The tank shall be filled completely with an approved inert solid material.
  4. Remaining underground piping shall be capped or plugged.
  5. A record of tank size, location and date of abandonment shall be retained.
  6. All exterior above-grade fill piping shall be permanently removed when tanks are abandoned or removed.
Permit Fees
Storage Tank Installation
$250.00 per tank
Storage Tank Removal
$150.00 per tank

There are no local inspections required, follow State Fire Marshall’s inspection process.

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