City Code & Ordinances

Wheaton City Code

The Wheaton City Code is a comprehensive book identifying our local laws, administrative responsibilities, annexation procedures and much more. Ordinances are official documents passed by the City Council. Some ordinances modify the City Code and are amended to the code book.


Please note: the Wheaton City Code is updated, or "codified" twice a year, in February and August. For a list of ordinances that are passed, but not updated to the City Code, please see the link in the "City Ordinances" section that follows.

Wheaton Zoning Ordinance

The Wheaton Zoning Ordinance establishes zoning classifications for property within the city limits and describes the parameters for each classification.

In addition, the Wheaton Zoning Ordinance sets administration and enforcement processes related to the Zoning Ordinance, and creates standards for landscape requirements, sign regulations, overlay districts and other things regulated through the Zoning Ordinance.

City Ordinances

The complete City of Wheaton Ordinances from 1998 to the present are available for viewing in PDF format. Documents are arranged by ordinance number, and a search feature allows browsing by entering keywords.


Resolutions typically are actions that are temporary in nature, grant a special privilege or similar action, or express the opinion of the City Council.