Event Application

Event Permits

Permits may be required for any events featuring the following: Fireworks, Tents, Stages, Amusement Rides & Attractions, Circus, Live Music/Sound Amplification, and Special Events.

Do I need a ’Special Event’ permit?

A special event means any organized activity including, but not limited to a fair, carnival, circus, festival, concert, demonstration, march, rally, performance, show, parade, walk/run/cycle, motion photography, or public firework displays that:

  1. Is held in whole or in part upon city property, streets, sidewalks, trails, walkways, or on other public rights-of-way.
  2. Occurs on private property, which may affect, impact or interfere with the standard, ordinary and normal use of public property, streets, rights-of-way, walkways, or sidewalks by the general public within the vicinity of such special event; or
  3. Requires the use of city services.

How far in advance do I need to apply?

All special event applications shall be submitted within 90 days and no less than 30 days prior to the proposed date of the event. After receiving your application, the City’s Special Event Committee will contact you regarding any additional requirements and conditions related to your permit.

Submission Requirements

APPLICANTS shall submit the following with their completed application 90 days prior to the event:

  • A detailed Site Map, including a Route Map if your event requires the use of streets, sidewalks, or trails.
  • Other attachments may be required based on your event’s features.

Before you submit your application please review the Application Checklist, verify all required materials are included and certify the application with your Signature.

The City of Wheaton reserves the right to cancel any event at any time for reasons deemed necessary by the City of Wheaton, including, but not limited to severe or dangerous weather; failure to submit required forms or insurance documentation.

Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For more details on Events, please refer to City of Wheaton Code of Ordinances - Chapter 10.

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1. Alcoholic beverages
a. Retail liquor dealer’s license
Per application
2. Amusements & Entertainment
a. Amusement which are part of a carnival, circus, or fair enterprise
$50.00 up to a maximum fee of $500
Per attraction, ride or inflatable attraction
b. Circus
Per day
c. Fireworks
Per permit
d. Sound
No Fee
e. Tent
Per tent (good for 90 days only; no permit needed for 400 sq feet or less)
f. Raffles
Per application
3. Special Event
a. Application Fee
  • 90 calendar days or more: $100
  • Between 60-89 calendar days: $250
  • Between 30-59 calendar days: $500
  • Less than 30 calendar days: Not accepted
Per application
b. City Services
Cost of city services as determined by the special events committee; applicant will be invoiced after special event has concluded
4. Automatic amusement devices:
a. Jukeboxes or other musical devices
Per license/permit
b. Coin or card-operated games
Per machine
5. Public places of amusement:
a. Animal show
Per day
b. Rodeo
Per day
c. Amusement attractions, amusement rides and/or inflatable attractions which are not part of any carnival, circus, or fair enterprise
Per attraction, ride, or inflatable attraction

* Certain City services require additional fees which is located on the City of Wheaton Code of Ordinances Appendix B-5 (City Services Fees) table.

Revised 7/16/2020