Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2021-25 CoverThe Wheaton City Council adopted this 2021-25 Strategic Plan (PDF) to serve as a roadmap guiding the City Council's decision-making over the next 5 years. This plan is a result of feedback from the community, the City Council, and City staff.

Organizational Values

As part of this process, we identified the values that lead our actions and decisions. City of Wheaton leaders and employees value:
   • Accountability
   • Serving the community with pride
   • Fairness
   • Fiscal responsibility
   • Honesty
   • Innovation
   • Respect
   • Transparency

Strategic Priorities, Goals, and Initiatives

The Strategic Priorities in this plan are:

Each of the 5 Strategic Priorities consists of several identified Goals. Each goal has several Initiatives, or steps, that we will take to achieve that goal, illustrated in the diagram below.

Hierarchy graphic

Strategic Priorities: Progress to Date

To accomplish the Priorities listed in the City's strategic plan, we've identified a variety of action items that need to be completed. We are tracking staff's completion of these action items through project management software. As each action item is completed, the corresponding graphs on our website will update to show additional progress. Below you will see the City's current progress toward completing the Priorities and Goals of the plan. To see our progress toward completing each Initiative of the plan, click the "detail page" link below each chart or click on the charts themselves.


Financial Stability

Responsive and Efficient Services

Community Feedback

This plan incorporated community feedback throughout the process of developing the Strategic Plan, including a final survey from mid-December 2020 to mid-January 2021 seeking feedback from the community on the draft plan. You can view a report of the community's responses, which includes a summary of the feedback and all of the responses submitted. Thank you to all who participated at different points in this process for your assistance in helping shape Wheaton's future.