Pershing Avenue East of Chase Street

The Pershing Avenue / Elm Street flow path east of Chase Street is a flow path through approximately a 246-acre tributary generally bounded by Lambert Ave. to the east, Chase St. to the west, Roosevelt Rd. to the north, and Loughborough Ct. to the south.

The entire watershed has become fully developed over time with most of it being developed before stormwater management was taken into proper consideration. This results in a lack of defined designed overland stormwater flow routes and a lack of stormwater storage in the watershed which results in frequent flooding during significant rainfall events.

The undesigned flow path currently has a sinuous route through many streets and private properties resulting in significant street flooding as well as overland flooding into homes during intense rainfall events.

In 2016, the City of Wheaton contracted V3 Companies Inc. to complete the 2016 Flood Study Project II which included the Pershing Avenue/Elm Street Flow Path/Upland Depressional Area East of Chase Street. The purpose of this study was to determine the extent and frequency of overland flooding into the area’s homes. The area was surveyed and modeled, and an alternative analysis was completed. The final report and an inundation map can be found below.

Complete Flood Study

Inundation Map