Briarcliffe Lakes System Flood Study

On April 18, 2013, a major storm event occurred in the City of Wheaton. Many areas throughout the city were flooded, including the flood-prone area Brentwood Lane east of Briarcliffe Boulevard. During the storm, the system of lakes north of Brentwood Lane all filled to capacity. Then, flood waters poured over the southern berm of Lake Four, flooding a large residential area, disrupting residents' lives, and causing property damage and loss.

The flooding that occurred is not an isolated incidence. Based on the City’s records and best available information, the berm has overtopped seven times in the last 45 years. In response to the flooding and in conjunction with Strategic Goal 3D, the City Council approved the Briarcliffe Lakes System Flood Study to analyze and document the flooding conditions of this flood-prone area as well as propose possible mitigation options.

Flood Study Summary

The Briarcliffe Lakes System Flood Study was finalized in March 2015 and has been summarized in the following memorandum:

Complete Flood Study

The complete Briarcliffe Lakes System Flood Study is also available: