Harrison Avenue Upland Depressional Area

The Harrison Avenue Upland Depressional Area is an area with at least four localized upland depressions with a total of approximately 80 acres directly tributary. The tributary area is generally bounded by Forest Avenue to the north, Jefferson Avenue to the south, Stoddard Avenue to the east, and Washington Street to the west.

This tributary contains an undesigned flow path through private properties with multiple relatively small upland depressional areas located in the rear yards, Cherry Street south of Harrison Avenue, and at North Path and Howard Street. The general direction of flow for the watershed is towards the main depression located around the former Wheaton Christian School on Harrison Avenue.

The only way water is able to exit this depression during and after a large rain event is through two City storm sewer mains. The area also receives piped flow from the Cherry Street Upland Depressional Area as well as through a 24” storm sewer.

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