Williston Basin Flood Study

The Williston Basin Tributary is approximately a 110-acre depressional watershed that is generally bounded by Prospect Avenue to the east, Liberty Drive to the north, Chase Street to the west, and Roosevelt Road to the south. The watershed contains multiple depressional areas that cause overland flooding into homes during large rain events.

In early 2012, V3 Companies was contracted to complete hydrology and hydraulic analysis of the area. The purpose of this study was to determine which residential structures were at risk of overland flooding. The area was surveyed and modeled, and the extents of this study can be found below.

Complete Flood Study (2012)

Inundation Map (2012)

More Information

For more information, watch the November 12, 2012, City Council Planning Session video.

In 2018, V3 Companies was contracted to expand on the original 2012 study. Additional topographic data was collected, and the area was re-modeled utilizing newer technology. The 2018 study includes an analysis of up to a 500-year storm event and includes an alternative analysis. The updated study and inundation map can be found below.

Complete Flood Study (2018)

Inundation Map (2018)