Thomas & Summit Overland Flow Path

The Thomas Overland Flow Path is a flow path through an approximately 189.1-acre tributary generally bounded by Glencoe Street to the east, Washington Street to the west, Hawthorne Boulevard to the south, and Daly Road to the north. The Cherry Street Upland Depressional Area Watershed and the Wakeman and Cadillac Upland Depressional Watershed are tributaries to this Flow Path via storm sewer and overland flow route as well. 

The entire watershed has become fully developed over time with most of it being developed before stormwater management was taken into proper consideration. This results in a lack of defined designed overland stormwater flow routes and a lack of stormwater storage in the watershed, which results in frequent flooding during significant rainfall events. The undesigned flow path currently has a sinuous route through many streets and private properties, resulting in overland flooding into homes during intense rainfall events.

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Inundation Map

Alternative Analysis Map