Liquor / Massage License Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting required by City Ordinance for City of Wheaton Liquor* and Massage** Licensing is offered strictly by appointment at the Wheaton Police Department.


Sec. 6-82. – Applications – Generally.

(d) Applicants, managers, and assistant managers are required to be fingerprinted. New applicants shall not be licensed until such new applicants and managers, if any, have been fingerprinted by the city police department. An investigation of the potential applicants and managers, if any, shall be conducted by the city police department, and shall report their findings to the local liquor commissioner. A copy of the fingerprints shall be retained in the files of the chief of police.

Sec. 6-123. – Notification of and application for new managers.

(6) Arrange for fingerprinting of the proposed new manager at the city police department. Provide a money order or cashier's check, made payable to the city, at the time of fingerprinting for state and federal charges associated with processing the fingerprints.


Sec. 26-182. – Application for massage business license.

(10) If upon investigation, the city determines that an applicant's licensure or certification may not be bona fide, or that the organization providing the licensure or certification may not be bona fide, the city may conduct additional investigation by requiring the applicant to submit to fingerprinting. When fingerprinting is required, the applicant shall present himself for fingerprints to be taken by the city police department. The applicant (or any owner) shall pay the fingerprint fee as provided in section 26-188(b) for each person required to submit fingerprints.

Sec. 26-183. – Application for Asian bodywork exemption certificate.

(5) Fingerprints for running a background check by the city police department.