ALICE Training

ALICE is a verified training program that gives citizens options when encountered with an aggressive intruder or active shooter in order to increase their chances of survival.

According to the FBI’s study, “Active Shooter Incidents: A 20-year Review,” 29 percent of active shooter incidents happened at businesses that are open to pedestrian traffic, which includes places like retail stores or strip malls, office buildings, and restaurants. Fifteen percent of the incidents happened in open spaces and about 13 percent happened at K 12 schools.

These statistics indicate that in the event of a critical incident, citizens must not wait for police to arrive. They must act to increase their chances of survival. For this reason, the Wheaton Police Department offers free training to Wheaton businesses, schools, houses of worship, corporations, and other community groups in an effort to teach proactive safety and response tactics to citizens.

The options-based tactics taught by ALICE training have become the accepted response versus traditional “lockdown only” methods. The following options are not meant to be followed sequentially.

A – ALERT: This is your first notification of danger.

L - LOCKDOWN: Barricade the room. Prepare to EVACUATE or COUNTER if needed.

I – INFORM: Communicate the aggressor’s location and direction in real-time.

C – COUNTER: Create noise, movement, distance, and distraction to reduce the shooter’s ability to shoot accurately. Counter is not fighting.

E – EVACUATE: When safe to do so, remove yourself from the danger zone.

The Wheaton Police Department’s ALICE certified instructors can:

  • Present an overview of ALICE;
  • Assist in the review of a response plan;
  • Lead tabletop exercise to identify potential issues and solutions for your group;
  • Conduct functional drills to test comprehension and response.

Schedule Training

Interested in learning more or scheduling a training? Contact:

Sergeant Patricia Potter