Dye Testing

Sewer Dye Testing

Wheaton’s Sewer Division occasionally performs dye testing in sanitary sewers. This method uses a safe, non-toxic dye to check for places where rain water can enter the sanitary sewers, which can overwhelm the sanitary sewer system and potentially cause basement backups.

Testing crews use water and a non-toxic green dye to saturate the ground, or crews will temporarily plug storm sewers near the testing area and fill them using a fire hydrant and dye. Then, they use video cameras in the sanitary sewers to see if and where the dye is entering the sanitary sewer. This shows crews the exact locations that need repairing and what repairs need to be made.

If you happen to see a local creek looking green, it is likely from dye testing in the area. This dye begins to dissipate when exposed to sunlight and normal dilution. Call 630-260-2121 with any questions or to report creek concerns.