Sewer Division

What We Do

The Sewer Division is responsible for maintaining the City sanitary and storm sewer systems and providing uninterrupted service to all residents served by the sewer systems. We do this through pro-active cleaning, maintenance, and repair programs that include 168 miles of sanitary sewer, 174 miles of storm sewer, over 150 retention ponds, 6 sanitary lift stations, two storm lift stations, and approximately 5,300 catch basins.

The Sewer Division does not maintain the interceptor sewers or sewer treatment facilities. These facilities are operated by separate agencies, either the Wheaton Sanitary District or the DuPage County Public Works Department.

Sanitary Sewer Backup

For after-hours calls (12 a.m.-7 a.m.), call 9-1-1. If you have a sanitary sewer backup, before you call a plumber, call the Sewer Division at 630-260-2121.

We can help determine if the backup is related to plumbing on private property or the City’s sewer system.

During a Severe Storm

During a severe storm event, the best way to reach us is by calling the Storm Desk as 630-260-2121, 630-260-2107, or 630-973-0991.

We typically are not able to respond to email service requests during this time.