Electronic Recycling

There are two options for recycling your electronics in Wheaton through two different programs:

  1. Monthly electronic recycling drop-off events 
  2. Curbside pickup on your garbage day

1. Monthly Electronic Recycling Drop-off Events

Date: Second Saturday of each month
Time: 9 a.m. to noon
Location: Public Works Storage Yard, 820 W Liberty Drive, Wheaton (near the Wheaton Police Department)

New Safety Protocols:

  • All items must be placed in the trunk of the vehicle prior to entering the event.
  • Volunteers can’t enter the passenger compartment of any vehicle.
  • Participants are not allowed to exit their vehicle after entering the event.
  • All textiles should be placed in a clean plastic bag and small electronics should be in a cardboard box. Cooking oils should be in a sealed container. Unbagged textiles and small electronic items will not be accepted.
  • Televisions and monitors must be paid for in cash (no change given) or prepaid through the e-Works website. A receipt for prepaid items must be displayed to staff prior to a television or monitor being accepted. Cost is $25 per TV/monitor with screen smaller than 21" and $35 per TV/monitor with screen 21" or larger.
  • Participants who are experiencing any respiratory illness or have ill family members are asked to stay at home.

Accepted for Recycling:

  • Clothing & shoes
  • Scrap metal
  • Cooking oil (for recycling into biofuel)
  • Fluorescent tube lights (no CFL light bulbs)
  • Electronics:
    • Computer monitors* and televisions*
    • Computers, laptops, servers, mice, printers, scanners, fax machines, wires, cords & cables, adapters, power supplies, ballasts, circuit boards, computer batteries, computer drives, mainframes, modems, small-scale servers, wires
    • VCR & DVD players/recorders, cable & converter boxes, digital converter boxes, satellite receivers, video game consoles, docking stations, scanners
    • Portable music players, electronic keyboards, stereos, CD players
    • Cell phones, tablets, phones, projectors
    • Cameras
    • Coffee pots (not the glass part)
    • Fans (metal fans only)
    • Humidifiers
    • Holiday light strings
    • Microwaves
    • Speakers (no large wooden speakers)
    • Toasters
    • Vacuums (no cloth bags)

*Tax-deductible donation fee applies for all televisions and monitors:

  • $25 per TV/monitor with screens smaller than 21 inches 
  • $35 per TV/monitor with screens 21 inches and larger

eWorks Electronic Services Inc. will accept cash or credit card payments at the drop-off (no checks), or you can prepay at http://recycling.eworksesi.org. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt at the time of drop-off.

NOT ACCEPTED at the Monthly Drop-off Events:

  • DVDs, video/audio cassettes
  • Large home appliances/white goods (stoves, washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, extra-large wooden-box speakers)
  • Electronics from businesses
  • Hazardous and chemical waste (mercury-containing devices, thermostats, thermometers, smoke detectors, liquids and gases)
  • CFL light bulbs
  • Batteries

Questions about what is/is not accepted? Contact eWorks Electronic Services Inc. at 217-364-7543.

2. Curbside Electronic Recycling Collection

To have your electronics collected at the curb on your garbage day, you must call Lakeshore Recycling Systems at 773-685-8811 at least one day before your garbage day. Place items at the curb with the appropriate sticker by 6 a.m. on your pickup day.

Curbside collection requires the following number of stickers (see more information about Lakeshore stickers):

  • E-Waste single item: 1 sticker 
  • E-Waste bundle (within brown paper bag): 5 stickers
  • E-Waste TV or computer monitor: 10 stickers

For your security, clear off files and information from your computer and devices before placing them at the curb. The City and garbage hauler are not responsible for the security of items placed at the curb.

Items Accepted for Recycling:

  • Electronics such as televisions, printers, computers, computer monitors, laptops, gaming consoles, docking stations, fax machines, scanners, hard drives, stereos, copy machines, cell phones, keyboards/mice, extension cords, telephones, cameras, network cables, computer cords.
  • Small household appliances such as blenders, microwaves, toasters, alarm clocks, hair dryers, etc. Nearly anything with a cord

NOT ACCEPTED for Recycling Curbside:

  • Electronics containing liquids/hazardous materials, including air conditioners, refrigerators and dehumidifiers (These “white goods” are collected through a separate program, 10 stickers per item)
  • Batteries for cars, boats or sump pumps
  • Smoke detectors (return to manufacturer for proper disposal)
  • Thermostats
  • CFL light bulbs
  • Gas-powered engines

Questions about what can be recycled curbside? Contact Lakeshore Recycling Systems at 773-685-8811.