Tax Credits, Loans, Programs & Grants

Businesses can take advantage of City and County programs that provide financial assistance. These programs exist to encourage businesses to improve buildings or otherwise enhance the community.

Downtown Property Improvement Programs
The City’s Downtown Property Improvement Programs were created to encourage downtown property owners and tenants to create and maintain attractive, high-quality exteriors. The programs provide incentives for owners/tenants to renovate their exteriors through grants that fund painting, cleaning, tuck pointing, façade repair, window repair, replacement signage, and other permanent improvements.

The City must approve the project design, and the Downtown Design Guidelines for awnings apply.

Facade Grant Program
See the Downtown Wheaton Façade Grant Programs Guidelines to find out which projects are applicable and for information about the application process.

To apply for a grant, see the Downtown Improvement Programs Application (PDF).

Downtown Retail Grant Program
The City also has a Downtown Wheaton Retail Grant Program designed to attract targeted retail businesses and to assist existing businesses in downtown Wheaton with expansion projects.

Examples of acceptable expenditures include: build out of space, building code improvements, first three months of rent (existing business must move into a new space in a TIF district or expand their existing space), moving expenses, visual merchandising, retail consulting or licensed space designer (ASID). Learn more about the Downtown Wheaton Retail Grant Program (PDF).

Sales Tax Rebates
To encourage significant rehabilitation projects or help secure a particularly desirable project, the City may grant sales tax rebates for a business as part of an overall package of incentives. These grants must be requested before the improvements are made, are up to the sole discretion of the Wheaton City Council. Businesses seeking rebates must be willing to disclose sales. Property owners must be willing to enter into a formal agreement with the City of Wheaton, which must be approved by the City Council.

Choose DuPage
Choose DuPage is a county organization that seeks to expand and diversify the DuPage economy through actions that stimulate business investment in its communities and generate desirable job opportunities for its residents. Choose DuPage acts as a conduit for the various state programs that exist to support businesses.

Find out more about Choose DuPage.