Cold Weather Emergency Information

Warming Center

In extreme temperatures, the Wheaton Public Library, 225 North Cross Street, serves as a warming site during its open hours.

Click Here for a list of other warming locations throughout DuPage County.

Prevent Pipes from Freezing

Make sure to insulate pipes in unheated areas or against outside walls and seal any leaks that may let cold air in. Keep your garage door closed if your water meter is located in that area. Disconnect your garden hose and shut off the water supply to outside faucets. If the temperature gets extremely cold, open cabinet doors under sinks to allow heat to get to pipes and let a faucet drip at a trickle if possible.

Basic Precautions

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends the following precautions during very cold weather:

  • Stay indoors as much as possible and limit your exposure to the cold;
  • Dress in layers and keep dry;
  • Check on family, friends, and neighbors who are at risk and may need additional assistance;
  • Know the symptoms of cold-related health issues such as frostbite and hypothermia and seek medical attention if health conditions are severe;
  • Ensure that pets have a warm shelter area with unfrozen water;
  • Make sure your vehicle has an emergency kit that includes an ice scraper, blanket and flashlight - and keep the fuel tank above half full.

Power Outage Information

If power outages occur, please contact ComEd at 800-Edison (800-334-7661).

Snow Removal

Please see the City's information on snow removal in Wheaton.

Additional Resources