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Wheaton Sustainability Award Nomination

  1. The Wheaton Sustainability Awards will recognize one adult, one student (K-12 or College), and one organization/business who support the mission of the Commission by demonstrating exemplary sustainability practices in our community. The nominees must have shown excellence in sustainable living or have made a significant contribution to the overall sustainability of our city. Special consideration will be given to nominees who influence or encourage others to adopt sustainable practices. Winners must live or work in Wheaton.

    Winners will be selected by the Wheaton Environmental Improvement Commission. One adult, one student, and one organization will be chosen as overall winners. The Commission may decide to recognize other individuals or organizations for outstanding contributions based on the submissions received.

    The Wheaton Sustainability Award Winners will be announced at the November 20 Wheaton City Council meeting.

    Applications will be due by 5 p.m. October 11, 2023.

    Here are some examples that may help you in describing the nominee’s efforts:

    Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

    The nominee has made significant efforts to reduce energy use and/or promote the use of renewable energy and alternative energy sources. This could include education, outreach, advocacy, as well as concrete achievements in energy efficiency and adoption of renewable energy.

    Waste Reduction, Reuse, Recycling

    The nominee has made significant efforts to reduce waste through rethinking, reusing, repurposing, recycling, and/or composting. Accomplishments could include starting or promoting waste reduction programs, developing innovative strategies for materials reuse, and embracing a zero-waste lifestyle.

    Water Conservation and Reduction of Water Pollution

    The nominee has made significant efforts in water conservation and reduction of water pollution through practices such as stormwater management (i.e. rain gardens, cisterns, etc.); conversion to water-efficient and native landscapes; installation of water-efficient technologies, appliances, or equipment; adoption of practices that reduce the generation and discharge of pollutants into water; and water conservation advocacy.

    Sustainable Home Construction/Renovation

    The nominee implemented sustainable home practices such as use of sustainable design, materials, and building techniques in home construction or renovations; the implementation of recommendations from an energy audit; the receipt of a sustainable home designation (e.g., LEED for homes); or the installation of renewable energy or advanced water management technologies in and around their home.

    Habitat Conservation

    The nominee took initiative to protect and preserve endangered species or open space. This could include planting or promoting the spread of native and beneficial species, protecting or expanding open space in and around the city, or educating the public about native habitats to promote more positive environmental practices.

    THESE ARE ONLY EXAMPLES. Please feel free to share any relevant accomplishments.

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