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Current Projects in Wheaton

Below are some of the major infrastructure and redevelopment projects the City of Wheaton is working on now. For more information about each project, click on the project name.

Downtown Streetscape Plan

The City is working on a strategic project to improve many elements in the downtown, including infrastructure, signage, community gathering spaces and much more.

Parkway Ash Tree Replacement Program

To replace the approximately 6,500 parkway ash trees the City removed due to emerald ash borer infestation, the City is funding a multi-year program to replant trees in all suitable locations where parkway ash trees were removed.

Sidewalk Replacement Program

The City continues working on a long-term program to replace highly defective sidewalk squares throughout the City.

Annual Road Construction & Maintenance

Each year the City determines which streets will undergo construction based on factors such as condition and the amount of time since the roadways were last improved. See the streets that will be under construction and the project status.

Water Meter Replacement Program

The City’s Water Division will be replacing the majority of the 16,500 water meters within the City as part of its multi-year Water Meter Replacement Program. Current meters have been in service for 10-15 years and are reaching the end of their useful lives.

Sanitary Sewer Lining

Where the City finds locations in the sanitary sewer system that need repairing, it uses a process that lines the sewer pipes with a resin-infused felt to repair the deteriorated pipe.

Sanitary Sewer Improvement Program

A joint long-range project of the City of Wheaton and the Wheaton Sanitary District to reduce the incidence of sanitary sewer backups during wet weather.