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Environmental Improvement Commission


To create an environmentally sustainable City of Wheaton.


To implement practices that promote environmental health throughout the City of Wheaton by advising City staff and officials on policies and programs relating to the environment and sustainability.

The Environment Improvement Commission creates, sustains, and supports initiatives that:

  • encourage the city to pursue environmental sustainability
  • collaborate with other commissions on common goals
  • educate the community about environmental issues
  • facilitate improved recycling rates

Some of the ongoing initiatives coordinated by the EIC include electronics recycling, Prairie Path Clean-up, Native Plant Sale, and Arbor Day tree-planting ceremony.

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Bicycle Advisory Committee

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Ted Witte, Chair
Kay McKeen, Immediate Past Chair
Cathy Coleman, Secretary
Robert Young, Treasurer
Shamili Ajgankar
Nancy Allured
Brittany Drummond
Nancy Flynn
Anthony Majszak
Anthony Pope
David Popham
Christine Richardson
Hanna Self
Allison Torrence

Meeting Days & Times:

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City Hall, 303 W. Wesley St.

Incorporated on February 24, 1859