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2019 Good Citizens Awards

  1. Nominee Categories: High School Student | Adult | Group

    Purpose of the Award: To recognize Wheaton citizens for outstanding volunteer service to the community, school or neighborhood. This may be a volunteer service for school, church, nursing home, civic group or non-profit organization. A person may also be nominated for service to an individual, such as tutoring, assisting an elderly neighbor, etc.

    Criteria: Nominee must be a current resident of Wheaton and performed something for the benefit of Wheaton or its citizens.

    Nomination forms are due by April 8, 2019. The Community Relations Commission will review nominations.

    Award recipients will be honored at the Wheaton City Council meeting on May 20, 2019.

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  4. Below: Explain the achievements of the individual or group you'd like to recommend and why you believe they deserve the award. Talk about their volunteer efforts, activities, service and accomplishments. Maximum number of characters for this text box is 8000.

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