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Adams Park Public Input Survey

  1. 1. How often do you visit Adams Park?

  2. 2. In general, do you come alone or with others?

  3. 4. How do you spend your time in the park? (Mark all that apply)

  4. 6. Is there any new activity you would like to see added to Adams Park?

  5. 7. Are you familiar with the history of Adams Park?

  6. 8. What is your overall opinion of Adams Park?

  7. 9. Do you live in the City of Wheaton?

  8. The City of Wheaton will host public input meetings on Thursday, May 24th at 3:00 pm and at 7:00 pm at Wheaton City Hall located at 303 West Wesley Street.

    Please leave your name and email if you would like to be notified about upcoming community meetings about Adams Park.

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