How do I care for my newly planted parkway tree?

The City of Wheaton is requesting your assistance in watering the newly planted parkway tree. The time period immediately after planting is a critical time for a transplanted tree and receiving the correct amount of water is crucial for root growth and the overall health of the tree.

To help the new tree succeed, the Forestry Division is providing you with a device that will make watering the new tree easier. Called a Treegator bag, this green bag-like device encircles the tree’s base and slowly releases the proper amount of water to the tree roots.

All you need to do is follow the steps below and fill it with water once a week. Please continue watering the new tree until the fall of the second year after planting. Forestry staff will collect the Treegator bag after the second season.

If for some reason the Treegator bag becomes damaged, or you have any questions, please contact the Forestry Division at 1-630-260-2122. Thank you for your assistance in the survival of the newly planted Parkway tree.


Jason Ackerlund
City of Wheaton Forestry Superintendent

Step 1: Expose the fill opening, insert water hose into the fill opening, fill to about one-quarter full.

Step 2: Gently lift up on the two black straps at the top of the bag in order to fully expand the bottom.

Step 3: Fill with water to the top of the bag, (approximately 15 gallons). Water will empty in 5-9 hours.

Step 4: Repeat once a week.

Treegator Bag 1
Treegator Bag 2
Treegator Bag 3

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