How do I report a pothole or pavement problem?

Call the Street Division of the Public Works Department at 630-260-2116 or notify the Street Division by email. While the Engineering Department oversees road improvement programs, routine maintenance such as patching and sealing falls under the Public Works Department’s authority.

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1. What is the Annual Road, Sewer and Water Rehabilitation Program?
2. How are the streets selected for the program?
3. Who will be performing the work on these streets?
4. When will work begin?
5. Will driveway access be affected during construction?
6. Are plans available for public review?
7. Can I request that things like curbs or street lighting be added to my street?
8. How do I report a pothole or pavement problem?
9. Does the City have a plan for which streets get repaved?
10. My street does not have curbs, storm sewers, or street lighting. Will the City install those improvements?