Will driveway access be affected during construction?

Driveway access will be limited at times. The contractor will be sensitive to the needs of the residents adjacent to the construction areas by providing temporary access, if possible. When the curb and gutter are poured and concrete driveways are repaired, there will a period of time when access will not be permitted. This is to allow time for the concrete to cure properly.

Residents will be permitted to park on adjacent streets for the duration of the time access to driveways is unavailable. Construction updates will have more information. During working hours, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, please do not park in areas under construction. This will ensure that the construction crews have room to maneuver their equipment and bring materials on site. It will also safeguard against damage to personal property.

Residents who require continuous driveway access because of a physical condition or a unique circumstance should contact the Engineering Department at 630-260-2065.

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