How are the streets selected for the program?

The Public Works Department annually conducts a field survey to determine the condition of the streets within the City of Wheaton. Data collected from this survey are entered and analyzed by a computer program called Micro PAVER. Micro PAVER then assigns each street a numerical index based on the type, severity and quantity of defects of the individual street. The Engineering Department uses the rankings assigned by Micro PAVER to develop the annual road program.

After the streets have been selected, the Sewer Division examines the sanitary and storm sewers to determine whether any repairs or improvements are necessary. Sanitary sewers in excess of 35 years of age are scheduled for a sewer lining rehabilitation. The Water Division then evaluates the water mains under the selected streets based upon their repair history and capacity to determine whether replacement is necessary. Contact us at 630-260-2065 for more information.

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1. What is the Annual Road, Sewer and Water Rehabilitation Program?
2. How are the streets selected for the program?
3. Who will be performing the work on these streets?
4. When will work begin?
5. Will driveway access be affected during construction?
6. Are plans available for public review?
7. Can I request that things like curbs or street lighting be added to my street?
8. How do I report a pothole or pavement problem?
9. Does the City have a plan for which streets get repaved?
10. My street does not have curbs, storm sewers, or street lighting. Will the City install those improvements?