What is DU-COMM?

DU-COMM is the 911 emergency telephone service provided to a number of municipalities within DuPage County. DU-COMM provides fire and police dispatching directly for the City of Wheaton. DU-COMM is located in Glendale Heights. When you call 911, you are actually speaking with a dispatcher from DU-COMM. All fire alarms are directly transmitted to DU-COMM for dispatching the appropriate fire personnel.

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1. What is DU-COMM?
2. Why is Chicago Metro Fire Prevention Company supplying the equipment?
3. If I pay a fee to the City of Wheaton, can I stop paying fees to my current alarm company?
4. I have a security system that is monitored by a private company. Does the radio fire alarm system affect my security alarm?
5. I have a fire alarm system that is currently monitored by a private company. Do I have to connect to the city?
6. Can I purchase a radio from another vendor?
7. Do other communities use radios?
8. Have there been any problems with the radios?
9. Our company policy requires our fire alarm to be monitored by a private alarm company, or our company has a proprietary fire alarm monitoring system. Are we required to connect to the City?
10. What is the charge for monitoring?