City of Wheaton Speed Limits

Speed Limit Lowered for Wheaton Neighborhoods

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On July 16, 2018, the Wheaton City Council voted to lower the speed limit for City of Wheaton residential neighborhoods from 30 mph to 25 mph. The City is making this speed limit change, combined with the program for new sidewalks, to improve safety for the community.

Over the next few weeks, the City’s Public Works Department will be updating signs on City streets. The new speed limit will go into effect on Aug. 1, 2018, before the new school year begins.

The City Council explored the process of lowering the speed limit based on a traffic study conducted by the engineering firm Kenin, Lindgren, O’Hara, Aboona, Inc. (KLOA).

While 25 mph will be the speed limit for the majority of residential streets, there are some streets considered major collector and arterial streets, where traffic volumes exceed 6,000 cars per day. These streets serve as major access routes to and from Wheaton, and they will maintain their current speed limit.

Streets maintaining a speed limit of 30 mph include:

  • Main Street – north of Seminary Avenue
  • President Street
  • Blanchard Street – south of Roosevelt Road
  • West Street – south of Willow Avenue
  • Warrenville Road – south of Roosevelt Road
  • Wiesbrook Road
  • Orchard Road – south of Wiesbrook Road
  • Manchester Road
  • East Loop Road
  • West Loop Road
  • Leask Lane
  • 22nd Street
  • Lorraine Road - south of Roosevelt Road

Streets maintaining a speed limit of 35 mph include:

  • Gary Avenue - north of Harrison
  • Shaffner Road

Speed Limit Sign Changes (PDF)

Drivers and pedestrians will see new street signs, neighborhood yard signs, electronic message boards and more information regarding the new speed limit change in the next two weeks.

Thank you to those who have posted "Drive 25" yard signs in their yards. Please remember that all signs need to be placed on private property, not in the parkway. At this time, all of the yard signs and car magnets have been given out.

To learn more about the new speed limit and the process that went into making this decision, please view the City Council meetings and agenda packets below:

For more information, contact the City at or call Public Information Officer Susan Bishel at 630-260-2190.