Program for New Sidewalks

In February 2018, the City Council voted to approve a program for new sidewalks in the City of Wheaton. The City is working with District 200 and the Wheaton Park District to create a complete pedestrian system to all school and park sites.

Missing Sidewalks in City Right-of-Way (MAP)


New sidewalks will be recommended based on the following criteria and as the budget allows: 

  1. Distance to the School - This was the top priority. The closer to the school, the greater number of points provided. With nearly $1MM worth of sidewalks within the 1,500 radii, requests outside of the 1,500 radius were not considered.
  2. Street Category - Collector streets received more points than local streets. Local streets received more points than cul-de-sacs.
  3. Partially Constructed Sidewalks - Leverage these areas where some new slabs could possibly connect existing sidewalks. More points for small gaps based on linear feet.
  4. Street Layout (Geometry) - With safety in mind, streets with extreme vertical or horizontal curves and/or without curbs received maximum points, while streets that appear open and straight or flat received minimum points.

New Sidewalks for 2019* 

*Please note 2019 sidewalk locations may change due to actual bids received and budgeted dollars available.

  • Wakeman Avenue between President Street and Santa Rosa Avenue
  • Prairie Avenue between Irving Avenue and Main Street
  • Jefferson Avenue between Ellis Avenue and Gary Avenue
  • Campbell Avenue between Dawes Avenue and Elm Street
  • Fischer Street between Dawes Avenue and Elm Street

New Sidewalks created in 2018

  • Thomas
  • Park
  • Howard

2018 School Sidewalk Analysis

*While Foothill/Aurora Way ranked high in the needs analysis, the area contains a floodway which would require a bridge structure, extensive permitting from multiple regulatory agencies and pre and post construction modeling of the channel.

Additional Information

To learn more about the City of Wheaton's sidewalk program, please view the video and information below or contact City Engineer Sarang Lagvankar: 630-260.2067 /