2018 Road Construction and Maintenance

The map and chart below show construction projects planned for Wheaton this year. Click on a point on the map for more information, or see the chart below.

Please note that dates are estimated and could be affected by weather or unforeseen circumstances.

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 2018 Road Program Status
 Not Completed  
 * - water main work included on these streets 

Types of Construction Work:

  • Street Reconstruction is the most extensive type of project. Crews remove the pavement, the base below it and sometimes the curb, then construct a new roadway.
  • Street Rehabilitation removes and replaces the curb, then resurfaces the entire pavement surface.
  • Street Resurfacing involves grinding the existing pavement in order to put down a new top layer of pavement.
  • Road maintenance includes less extensive construction, such as patching, some pavement resurfacing, and correcting potholes and surface defects.
Street Construction Limits Current Status

* water main work included on these streets - extends construction time.

Future Construction Projects

To see the list of streets for which improvements are planned over the next five years visit the Five-Year Annual Road Program.

Assistance with Pothole Damage

Roosevelt Road and Main Street in Wheaton are both being resurfaced by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). If your vehicle has experienced damage while work was being completed, the City of Wheaton can assist you in reporting this to the State. Please email engineering@wheaton.il.us or call 630.260.2065 for more information.