Utility Service Information

The City's Finance Department oversees utility billing for water, sewer and stormwater in Wheaton. We also collect utility bill payments and oversee collection of past due accounts.

For bill payments, see the Pay My Bills section.

Setting Up New Utility Billing Service / Account

If you are moving into Wheaton, notify the City's Utility Billing Department immediately at 630-260-2000 to set up new Utility Billing services. New residents must complete a brief Utility Account Application (PDF) for water service upon moving to the City of Wheaton. In addition, renters and commercial property owners may need to submit a water deposit.

Closing an Account

If you are renting a home and moving out of the City of Wheaton, please contact Utility Billing at 630-260-2000 to arrange for a final water reading.

Bill Frequency

The Finance Department bills all residents and businesses for water and sewer service on a monthly basis. Water and sewer bills are usually mailed on the 15th of every month and are due 25 days from the date of billing.

Late Fees & Shut-Off of Service

After 25 days from the date of billing, a late fee of 5% will be assessed against the past due balance on the account. After 35 days, a letter will be sent indicating that water service will be shut off if payment has not been received after 45 days from the date the bill was issued.