Wheaton Register of Historic Places Program

The Wheaton Register of Historic Places can be viewed using one of the formats listed below:

The City of Wheaton Historic Commission administers the Wheaton Register of Historic Places program. Any type of site is eligible for listing, whether residential, commercial, institutional, religious, educational, or industrial. Selection is based upon criteria in three areas: historical significance, architectural design, and age. See the Wheaton Register of Historic Places Nomination Form (PDF).

The property owner initiates the nomination process and is responsible for researching and substantiating the date and history of their property.

Researching a property might focus on the physical, documenting the architecture, construction, alterations, updates, or even the relocation of a structure. Or, the research focus may be more historical, biographical, or genealogical, dealing with people and events associated with a property. Many times a combination of both may be needed.

Research Guides

For research assistance, the Wheaton Public Library Reference Department, in conjunction with the Historic Commission, has developed two research guides.

The Wheaton Public Library's Local History page is an excellent place to start using the library's local history resources. This home research page is at https://wheatonlibrary.org/discover/local-history.

Home History Research File

The Home History Research File (HHRF) holds materials to assist property owners with their particular research process, depending upon what area(s) they are interested in researching: historical significance, architectural design, and/or age. Reviewing the materials in the HHRF is the best place to start and will help to define and plan a particular search. The HHRF is also a great resource for any old house owner or resident who might just be curious about their home’s history, architecture, or age (For in-library use only, request at the Reference Department).

Guide to Wheaton Sources

The handout Guide to Wheaton Sources is a reference page detailing where local records can be found. Again, which records should be consulted depends on the area(s) of interest for a particular property. While the guide is updated as resources become available and known, be sure to check for new resources with the staff of the organizations you consult with as well.

Additional Assistance

Additionally, copies of the Illinois Heritage Association’s Technical Insert: Home History Research Methods are available from the Reference Department.

If a project is heavily focused on people and events, ask the Reference Department staff how the library’s genealogical collection and resources can be best utilized.