Sidewalk Replacement Program

An initial survey of the City’s 265+ miles of sidewalks identified more than 2,000 sidewalk squares that need to be replaced. The City’s Streets Division used specific criteria for the survey, related to the severity of cracking, spacing, or settled/raised squares. For more information about these criteria, please see the Sidewalk Maintenance Policy (pdf). 

Currently, the City is proactively inspecting locations every year and replaces sidewalk sections as needed. The amount of sidewalks replaced is based on available funding from the City’s Annual Budget.

In order to establish a structured area of focus for the program, the City is divided into four quadrants; with Roosevelt Road dividing the north and south and Main Street and Naperville Road dividing the east and west. The program’s initial focus area started at the southeast quadrant of the City and the program progressed annually in a counterclockwise manner as funding allowed until the cycle was completed and then started over again. 

Questions about work in your area can be addressed to Public Works at 630-260-2116.

View 2021 Sidewalk Replacement Map

Related Information

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