Fire Alarm Monitoring

Chicago Metro Fire Prevention Company provides a wireless radio fire alarm monitoring network for all properties within the City of Wheaton that are required to have a fire alarm system. All fire alarms are directly transmitted to DU-COMM, the 911 emergency dispatch center that serves Wheaton, for dispatching the appropriate fire personnel.

The City requires you to use the equipment from Chicago Metro, as the wireless system operates within a network.


Applicants are charged $85 per month by the City of Wheaton for fire alarm monitoring. Invoices will be sent out on a quarterly basis to the billing contact listed on the Fire Alarm Monitoring System Application.

Please note that property owners are still required to maintain fire alarm systems by a licensed fire alarm contractor. This requires regular inspections, testing and maintenance of your fire alarm system. The radio alarm monitoring system fees do not include costs for maintaining your fire alarm system.


Property owners who are required to have a fire alarm system and are not already served by Chicago Metro must submit a Fire Alarm Monitoring System Application. This application will initiate the process for the actual installation of the radio device on your premises.


For questions regarding the fire radio alarm monitoring system, please contact Michelle Arrendondo at Chicago Metro Fire Prevention, 630-833-1110. For questions regarding billing, contact Angelica Norris at the City of Wheaton, 630-260-2028.