Public Right Of Way Design Details & Standards

If you are an architect, contractor, developer, engineer, or homeowner looking to complete a project that involves the public right-of-way, here you will find the standards for road, sidewalk, sewer, water, streetlight, and parkway tree projects.

Note on Standards

Standards and Details may refer to the documentation below:

  • Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, adopted January 1, 2012, or newer version.
  • Standard Specifications for Water & Sewer Main Construction in Illinois June 2014, seventh edition, or newer version.

More Information

All projects within the City must conform to the Design Details and Standards. For questions or more information, please email the Engineering department.

For specifications related to building on private property, see the Guidelines for Building Projects and Permits section.

Parkway Tree



Sidewalk (IDOT)

Street Lights