2017 National Electrical Code Amendments

The NFPA 70 National Electrical Code/2017, prepared by the National Electrical Code Committee and acted on by the National Fire Protection Association, Inc., and the ICC International Building Code/2018, Appendix K, as published by the International Code Council Inc., together with the additions, insertions, deletions, and changes prescribed in this article, are hereby adopted by reference and is made a part of this article as if fully set forth herein as the standards, rules, and regulations for the design, construction, alteration, repair, use and maintenance of buildings and structural appurtenances in the city. (Ord. No. O-2020-05, § 1, 2-3-20)

Sec. 22-51. - Amendments.

The following sections or subsections of the NFPA 70 National Electrical Code/2017 are amended as indicated:

Section 110.3 add a new subsection (D) which shall read:

  • (D)-Dark Sky Compliant Residential Exterior Light Fixtures. All exterior lighting fixtures for new residential structures, constructed after November 21, 2022, shall be compliant with the International Dark Sky Association's ("IDA'') Dark Sky Fixture Seal of Approval program.

Add the following section:

210.8 (F) Location. The ground-fault circuit-interrupter(s) required by this section shall be located in the same room as the receptacle(s) served.

Section 230.70 General (Service equipment - Disconnecting means), (A) Location, (I) Readily accessible location. Change to read:

The service disconnecting means shall be installed at a readily accessible location outside of a building or structure and be an integral part of the metering equipment. Exception: In other than one- and two-family dwellings:

  1. The main disconnecting means can be in a mechanical/electrical room with exterior access provided that the electrical room has one-hour rated construction; or,
  2. The main disconnecting means can be in a mechanical/electrical room with interior access of not more than 20 feet travel distance provided that the room and access travel has one-hour rated construction.

Section 310.106 Conductors, (B) Conductor material. Add the following: Sizes #8 AWG, #10 AWG, and #12 AWG in aluminum and aluminum-clad copper shall not be permitted.

Section 334.10 Uses permitted (Non-metallic sheathed cable: Types NM, NMC, and NMS). Change to read: Type NM, Type NMC, and type NMS cables shall be permitted to be used only for temporary wiring in accordance with Article 590, Temporary installations of this code in the following:

  • Section 340.10 Uses permitted (Underground feeder and branch-circuit cable: Type UF), Item (3). Change to read: For use only as temporary wiring in interior wiring in accordance with Article 590, Temporary installations of this code.

Section 362.10 Uses permitted (Electrical nonmetallic tubing: Type ENT). Change to read: For the purpose of this article, the first floor of a building shall be that floor that has 50 percent or more of exterior wall surface level with or above finished grade. One additional level that is the first level and not designed for human habitation and used only for vehicle parking, storage, or similar use shall be permitted. The use of ENT and fittings shall be limited to use as a chase or raceway only for conductors listed for use in articles 720, 725, 727, 760, 770, 800, 810, 820, 830, and 840 in the following:

  • Section 394.10 Uses permitted (Concealed knob-and-tube wiring), Item (1). Change to read: Only for repair of existing systems.

Section 680.11 Underground Wiring Locations. Change to read: Underground wiring shall not be installed under or within the area extending 5 feet horizontally from the inside walls of the pools and outdoor hot tubs and spas except where wiring is installed to supply pools, spas, or hot tub equipment. Underground wiring shall be installed in rigid metal conduit, intermediate metal conduit rigid polyvinyl chloride conduit, reinforced thermosetting conduit, or Type MC cable, suitable for conditions subject to that location. The minimum cover depth shall be in accordance with Table 300.5.