Good Citizens Awards Recipients 2021

Adult Award Recipients


Bill Anderson

  • Dedicated over 400 hours of his time over the last year to the People’s Resource Center (PRC)
  • Has been engaged at PRC for 12 years and spent over 10,000 hours serving the Wheaton community
  • Since joining the PRC community in 2009, he has impacted thousands of lives, providing food to the hungry and making sure the PRC facility remains a safe haven for those in need


Anjali Bharadwa

  • Leader/Founder of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for D200 (DEI200), a group that strengthens our community by bringing together diverse voices so that all community members can feel belonging and have a better understanding of the needs within our community
  • Spearheaded the successful creation of the "Talking about Race" series, which was a 5 part series that engaged the community in an important facet of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Race


Jacob Kniep

  • Founder of OUTspoken Leaders, a local nonprofit dedicated to serving, empowering, and lifting up voices of LGBTQ+ members of society
  • Created safe groups for LGBTQ+ people to come together to support each other through online groups, Beers with Queers, Coffee Chats & more
  • Creates safe spaces for LGBTQ+ neighbors, visibility for their accomplishments and what they bring to our community


Chuck Smith

  • Chairman of SALT Council (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together)
  • During COVID-19, he saw a need with seniors at acute risk, he organized an effort to shop for seniors who wished to safely stay in their homes
  • Identified the need for masks for the senior population, so he organized a team to make and deliver over 1,600 masks to seniors in their home, in senior facilities, as well as the DuPage VA

Vickie Tabbert

  • DuPage PADS Board of Trustees Chair
  • Through volunteer and leadership efforts, she made it possible for 379 individuals to receive safe shelter so far during the pandemic
  • Led the board through a strategic planning process focused on long-term solutions for homelessness

Student Award Recipients


Kyla Farrell

  • Founding member of the Baking to Give Back Cookies program
  • Members bake cookies in their limited free time, sell them, and give the proceeds to Naomi's House which is a shelter in our community


Michael Foster

  • Co-President of WWSHS Key Club
  • Tutored a 5th grade student who struggled with ADHD who had to be tutored in a room separate from others due to impulsive outbursts and propensity for distractibility, and was able to build a lasting relationship with the student through their tutoring each week, and eventually making strides in both long division and trust


Henry Lytle

  • Demonstrated concern and awareness for teen drivers with special needs in knowing what to do if pulled over by a police officer
  • Coordinated with WNHS and Wheaton Police Chief to host a Teen Driver Safety Event in April 2021 which aimed at helping the community’s teen drivers succeed on the road


Jackson Moran

  • Volunteers with Re-member which is an organization with the Oglala Lakota people of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota (the single poorest area in the United States)
  • Spends 2 weeks every summer since he was 12 building outhouses, wheelchair ramps, bunk beds and skirting trailers, chopping wood, and planting gardens
  • When the reservation closed to outsiders in 2020, he raised $5,000 for the organization by biking 100 miles and soliciting donations

Margaret Hamilton

Maryam Tourk

  • Participates in Medium and Communications Practicum at WNHS in which she designs and implements projects that foster positive and inclusive school and community cultures through social media, educational programs, community organizing, and community outreach
  • Co-founded Civics Unplugged Fellowship which built a virtual summer camp for over 150 students across the country to provide meaningful programming to address feelings of isolation during the pandemic


Natalie Worniak

  • Passionate for those less fortunate than her and plans and executes ways to fundraise for Bridge Communities, an organization that connects homeless families to a better future
  • In 2020, she held a quarter drive to donate to Bridge residents to use laundry machines and set up a GoFundMe site to collect donations for the organization and has raised over $1,000

Group Award Recipients


Immigrant Solidarity DuPage

  • Works to educate, organize and mobilize DuPage County around the rights and collective struggles of the Latino community
  • During 2020, the organization began seeking donations and grants to help the Latino community throughout DuPage County and these efforts grew into weekly, monthly and pop-up food distributions around DuPage
  • Starting in April 2021, they began working with the Illinois Department of Public Health to reach out to the Latino community and arranged 100 vaccinations for the community


Milton Township CERT Team

  • In May 2020, 30 volunteers re-arranged their schedules to search for a young missing person who had fallen into Branch River, Winfield
  • In Fall 2020, 25 volunteers responded to a search call of a missing person in Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve and searched for 10 hours in 80 degree weather
  • In March 2021, a CERT team responded to a motorcycle/car accident at Butterfield and Briarcliff roads to help re-direct traffic away from the accident which helped relieve officers