Neighborhood Roll Call

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Join the Wheaton Police Department at your Neighborhood Roll Call!

The Wheaton Police Department is taking its roll calls out into the neighborhoods to connect with you

Prior to the start of each tour of duty, Wheaton Police Officers gather to report for a roll call, where they are briefed on calls for service in the past 24 hours, emerging crime trends, intelligence information, locations in need of extra watches and more. This is the time for officers to share what has been going on in their assigned beats.

Now, we are bringing our roll call out into the community, where you can meet with the officers who are assigned to your area of town. Officers will be on hand to discuss local issues and concerns about your neighborhood as well as providing tips to keep you and your family safe. We encourage you to attend the Neighborhood Roll Call that is happening in your neighborhood, as the topics discussed will be specific to your area. See the map below for the event applicable to your area.

Officers will also show you how to initiate online requests for city services and register for SMART911, and you can make officers aware of issues directly related to your neighborhood.

The Neighborhood Roll Calls will be occurring on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. between June and August, with a different location each week. We will be updating this page as new events are added, so check back or follow us on social media (@CityOfWheaton on Facebook and Twitter) for additional events. Click on the map below for more information on those specific events.

For more information, please contact Sergeant Angela Smith at or 630-260-2076.