Yard Waste and Leaf Information

PLEASE NOTE: Wheaton will begin a new garbage/recycling/yard waste/organics program on Oct. 1, 2016, served by Lakeshore Recycling Systems. See more information on the new program that starts Oct. 1.


Advanced Disposal Services (formerly Veolia) serves as Wheaton’s waste hauler for yard waste, leaf, garbage and recycling collection. Yard waste (grass clippings, brush, plant material and weeds) and leaves are collected at the curb from the first full week of April through the second full week in December.

Reminder: It is illegal to pile, blow or rake leaves onto the streets. Doing so can clog storm sewers, preventing them from working properly during a storm and possibly leading to flooding.

Containers or Bags Accepted

Yard waste and leaves can be placed either in containers that are no larger than 33 gallons in size or biodegradable paper bags. Containers or bags must weigh less than 50 pounds when filled.

If containers are not feasible, brush and tree trimmings must be placed in stacks no longer than 4 feet in length and 18 inches in diameter. Stacks do not need to be bundled with twine but must have a garbage/yard waste sticker attached

Yard Waste and Leaf Stickers

Each container or biodegradable bag requires one sticker in order to be collected. Yard waste uses the same blue sticker as garbage, but leaves require a separate green sticker. For information about where to purchase stickers and sticker prices, see the Sticker Information section.

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees will be collected and recycled during the first two full weeks in January for no charge. During this free two-week collection period, trees must be free of all decorations and cannot be in plastic bags. After the two-week collection period, Christmas trees will require one yard waste sticker affixed to it to be collected.

Pickup Times

Garbage, recycling and yard waste should be placed at the curb between 7 p.m. the day prior to collection and 6 a.m. the day of collection. Containers should be removed from the curb by 7 p.m. on the day of collection.


There will be no collection of garbage, recycling and yard waste on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Collection will be provided one day later for the remainder of the week during which the holiday falls.