Recycling Information

PLEASE NOTE: Wheaton will begin a new garbage/recycling/yard waste/organics program on Oct. 1, 2016, served by Lakeshore Recycling Systems. See more information on the new program that starts Oct. 1.

Most Wheaton residents are served by Advanced Disposal Services for garbage, yard waste and recycling service. If you have a problem with your service, contact Advanced Disposal at 630-587-8282.

Place your garbage, recycling and yard waste at the curb between 7 p.m. the day prior to collection and 6 a.m. the day of collection. Please remove your containers from the curb by 7 p.m. on the day of collection. See the garbage section for information about collection holiday 

Recycling cart

Place all acceptable recyclable materials (see below) in the blue recycling cart issued to your home. You do not need to sort items or use a sticker for the cart. Please do not place plastic bags in the recycling cart.  

If you move, do not bring the recycling cart with you; it stays at the residence to which it was issued.  

What CAN be recycled?

  • Paper & Cardboard Products:  
    • Examples: Newspaper, wrapping paper (remove bows, etc.), magazines, junk mail and advertisements, notebook and computer paper, stationery, envelopes, telephone directories, brown paper bags, corrugated cardboard (cut into 3-foot squares or smaller), cereal/tissue/clothing boxes, frozen food packages, boxes for soda/beer, boxed soup cartons, milk cartons, orange juice cartons
    • Note: If you have a large amount of cardboard to recycle, place the cardboard next to your cart in 3-foot by 3-foot squares or smaller.
  • Metal Products:
    • Examples: Aluminum cans; aluminum foil and formed containers; steel or tin cans; empty aerosol cans
  • Glass Products: 
    • Examples: Bottles and jars only that are brown, green or clear glass.
  • Plastic: 
    • A number of different types of plastic are recyclable. Look on the bottom of the container or item for the recycling symbol and the number, which is the resin identification code that indicates the type of plastic from which the item is made. The following plastic numbers/types are recyclable.
      • #1 Plastic: Examples: Soda, water and flavored beverage plastic bottles (clear and green). Leave cap on.
      • #2 Plastic: Examples: Laundry detergent containers, milk and water jugs
      • #3 Plastic: Examples: Household cleaners, beauty product containers 
      • #4 Plastic: Examples: Margarine tubs, six-pack rings 
      • #5 Plastic: Examples: Yogurt cups, narrow-neck syrup and ketchup bottles 
      • #7 Plastic: Examples: Some water bottles and food containers

What CAN’T be recycled through Wheaton's curbside service?

  • Scrap metal
  • Plastic bags, including grocery bags
  • Mirrors, window glass and Pyrex
  • Dishes
  • Light bulbs
  • Motor oil, anti-freeze, pool chemical or other hazardous waste containers
  • # 6 Plastic and Styrofoam

Electronic Recycling

The City offers a monthly drop-off program, or residents can use Advanced Disposal's curbside electronic recycling program, through which residents call at least one day before their garbage day to have electronics picked up. This program requires one sticker per large item. More information 

Medicine Disposal

The Wheaton Police Department no longer serves as a dropoff station for the proper disposal of unwanted medicines. However, you can bring them to the DuPage County Sheriff's office or several other Police Departments. More information 

Book Recycling

Also, see information about recycling all types of books. More information 

Excess Recycling

If you have more materials to recycle than will fit in your cart, please mark them for recycling and ensure they weigh no more than 50 pounds. If you consistently generate recyclables in excess of your cart, contact Advanced Disposal Services to arrange the purchase/upgrade to a larger cart or an additional cart.

Cart Placement

Automated trucks are used to empty recycling carts. Please help by making sure your cart's wheels and handle are facing your house (away from the street) and the cart is no more than 1 or 2 feet from the curb. Please place recycling, yard waste and leaves on the opposite side of the driveway from your garbage.