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Utilities & Services

Wheaton residents are served by the following local providers:


Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) is the local provider for electricity in Wheaton. To set up service or to contact customer service, call 800-334-7661. Learn more about what to do to report a power outage. Note: Although Wheaton residents receive electricity through ComEd, a new Illinois law now requires electric companies to allow users a choice of who generates their power. You may choose from a number of certified Alternative Retail Electric Suppliers (ARES). Learn more about your choices through the Illinois Commerce Commission.


Northern Illinois Gas Company (Nicor) provides gas service to Wheaton residents. To set up service or contact customer service, call 888-642-6748. Note: Although Nicor delivers gas to residents in Wheaton, Nicor offers customers the option to choose an alternate gas supplier from a list of certified alternative gas suppliers. Learn more about your choices through the Illinois Commerce Commission.

Note spring 2016 Nicor project announcement for updating their lines in Wheaton.


Wheaton residents receive Lake Michigan water and are billed on a monthly basis by the City of Wheaton. New residents must complete an application for water service. Renters and commercial property owners may need to submit a water deposit. Also, find out how to pay your water bill.


The Wheaton Sanitary District or the DuPage County Public Works Department provide sewer treatment for Wheaton residents. Most of the City is served by the Wheaton Sanitary District, but the far southeastern portion of the City is served by DuPage County.


Wheaton residents can receive telephone service from AT&T, 877-840-1365, or Comcast, 866-594-1234.


Residents in Wheaton are served by Comcast Cable and satellite providers for cable/video service. For Comcast cable/internet service, call 866-594-1234.

Residents can also receive internet service from AT&T, which is available by calling 877-840-1365.

The City has adopted the state regulations (220 ILCS 5/70-501) setting customer service levels to be met by cable and video providers. See the State of Illinois Customer service guidelines. To file a complaint regarding Comcast service, call Comcast at 866-594-1234. If Comcast is unable to resolve an issue, residents can call the City’s Communications Manager at 630-260-2190.