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Building Projects & Permits

Property owners or contractors must obtain permits from the City before performing many projects. The following list includes many of the projects that require permits. Choose the project you are interested in, and you will find requirements specific to that project. After reading the information, you can download the appropriate permit application at the bottom of this page.

Guidelines are available for following building projects that require permits:

The following building projects also have guidelines that are available from the Building Department at City Hall:

  • Banner
  • Basement – Minimize Flooding FEMA 10-01
  • Commercial Building
  • Mail Box Location
  • Mobile Classroom/Construction Office
  • Outdoor Storage Unit – Temporary
  • Overhead Sewer
  • Patio
  • Signs & Temporary Signs

Permit Applications:

Please see the related information above before downloading the application.

The following permits are available from the Building Department at City Hall:

  • Patio
  • Sign
  • Temporary Sign

For more information about construction and demolition, please see the Construction and Demolition Regulations handout, which is available at City Hall.

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