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New Option Available for Paying Your Garbage/Recycling Bill

WHEATON, Ill. – Lakeshore Recycling Systems announced that it will now offer a prepaid auto-replenishing option for paying for your garbage/recycling service in Wheaton, as well as secure access to more information about your account.


Auto-Replenishing Billing Option

Similar to the Illinois Tollway Authority’s iPass method of payment, you can now keep a running credit on your Lakeshore Recycling Systems account. You choose the dollar amount by which you would like to auto-replenish your account. Each time your LRS account balance falls below $5, your account will automatically replenish with the amount you have chosen ($15 is the recommended balance).

If you do not want to use the auto-replenishing prepaid option, you will still have the option of on-demand payment. If you choose to pay your invoice this way, you will set the dollar amount that Lakeshore Recycling Systems is authorized to draw from either a credit card or checking account. Each monthly invoice will draw the balance due up to the authorized amount, and nothing more (balances beyond this amount would simply roll over into your next invoice).


Detailed Service Information

Also, Lakeshore Recycling Systems has added the option for residents to securely review the details of their account in a calendar format. This allows each resident a protected way to verify when their home was serviced and the charge for each service.

To view your account or pay online, visit and click “PAY BILL."