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Executive Assistant Lindsay Qualkenbush, 630-260-2019


Nominate Someone for 2017 Good Citizens Award

WHEATON, Ill. – It's time again to focus a spotlight on the community members who make Wheaton a better place to live. The Community Relations Commission encourages you to nominate a person or group for Wheaton’s 2017 Good Citizens Awards.

Do you know someone who deserves to be recognized for their service in the community? This award helps recognize those who make the quiet, generous and often extraordinary contributions that make Wheaton an outstanding community. This may be volunteer service for a school, church, nursing home, civic group or nonprofit organization. A person may also be nominated for service to an individual, such as tutoring, assisting an elderly neighbor, etc.

The three categories for nominees are: high school student, adult and group. A nominee must be a current Wheaton resident who has done something for the benefit of Wheaton and its citizens.

Nominations are due by April 10, 2017.

To nominate someone, you can:
1) Submit your nomination online at
2) Submit a nomination by email and send it to:, or
3) Mail a written nomination to Lindsay Qualkenbush, Wheaton City Hall, 303 W. Wesley St., Wheaton, IL 60187.

You can find the nomination form online at, or at Wheaton City Hall, the Wheaton Public Library and the Mary Lubko Center. Nominations will be reviewed by the Community Relations Commission.

Award recipients will be honored at the Wheaton City Council meeting on May 15, 2017.