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Wheaton Police Announce Arrest for Continuing a Financial Crimes Enterprise

WHEATON, Ill. – On Dec. 21, 2016, Karolina M. Klambatseas was arrested for Continuing a Financial Crimes Enterprise. On Jan. 12, 2017, she was indicted on 59 felony offenses (and charged with 31 misdemeanors) including theft, identity theft and financial institution fraud. 

 klambatseasKarolina M. Klambatseas
34 years of age
40 block of Wisteria Lane, Schaumburg, IL

Wheaton Police Department Detectives conducted an exhaustive investigation into several reported instances of identity theft beginning in May 2015. The investigation found Karolina M. Klambatseas in possession of dozens of stolen identities, of which some were used to obtain bank accounts, credit cards and loans in the victims’ names. It is alleged that she obtained some of the victim's identities while working as a loan processor for various mortgage companies.

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