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Lakeshore Recycling Systems, 773-685-8811


Ready for Wheaton’s New Garbage Program, Starting Monday? Watch This Video

WHEATON, Ill. – Are you ready for Wheaton’s new garbage, recycling and yard waste program, which starts on Monday? Find out the basics about the new program by watching this video, “Sorting it Out: Wheaton’s New Garbage & Recycling Program.”

Representatives from Lakeshore Recycling Systems and Wheaton’s Environmental Improvement Commission explain:

  • how this program uses new technology to create a program where you only pay for the amount of waste you produce, but without garbage stickers for your normal garbage;
  • what types of food scraps and other organic materials you can include with your yard waste for composting; 
  • which types of items still require stickers (including yard waste and bulk items); 
  • how you will be billed; and
  • what you can/can’t recycle with the new program.

You can watch this video on the City’s website anytime, or Wheaton Comcast subscribers can watch it on City of Wheaton Channel 10.