Contact Information:
Deputy Chief of Police William Murphy, 630-260-2076


Schools are in Session – Be Alert!

WHEATON, Ill. - Summer vacation is almost over, and soon it will be back to school time for the children of our community. Most area schools will be starting classes during the week of Aug. 21, 2017. The Wheaton Police Department needs motorists to help us make this a safe school year for everyone.

Many children will be walking to and from school. Drivers must remain vigilant while traveling near schools in our community. In the excitement of the new school year, children may not be focusing on safety as they cross streets.

All drivers need to be especially alert for the following situations:

  • Children walking or riding bicycles,
  • School buses loading or unloading children,
  • Crossing guards at school crossings,
  • Posted school speed zones of 20 MPH! 

The Wheaton Police Department strictly enforces all laws regarding school speed zones, crossings and bus stop requirements.

It is unlawful to text or use a hand-held cell phone while travelling through a school zone.

Violations related to pedestrian and school zone safety will be strictly enforced. Warnings will not be given.

See the attached Proclamation signed by Wheaton Mayor Michael J. Gresk.